ARRR,ink …………for short

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We be Acme Rogue and Ruffian Recruiters…..ARRR,ink for short…..

What we not be short on is comical shows for ya seafaring and land lubber folk. We are comical entertainment for EVERYONE!

“Arrr Inc is one of the most professional, crowd pleasing acts we work with year after year. As a festival promoter, I highly recommend this troop of talented actors and musicians.”  –Admiral Belinda Hadcock, Event Director,                                                                                               Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival


“As a festival producer, (CKPI), I can not say enough about Arrrrr, ink. Responsive to emails and phone calls, always willing to help during the days of the festival and always on point with the crowds. Kids and adults love these folks…you will too.
If you want a reference from me, contact me.”  -Joe Catalano, Producer Cedar Pirate Invasion




“We LOVE these rascals!…. ARRR, ink has helped us out on two major events. …it’s the best money we ever spent out of our entertainment budget.

They showed up early, stayed late, and rarely stopped working the crowd.  They did not disappoint! They regularly roamed the grounds between shows as strolling entertainers to the complete delight of the crowd, both young and old alike.

This is a great “family-friendly” act to include in any event. We highly recommend.”

Oh, and be sure to check to see if Brandon the Piper is available! – Roger “Hoodat” Murphree,  Entertainment Director,  Anna Maria Pirate Invasion



Arrr, Ink and its crew members are fun and entertaining for all age groups. They are engaging from the minute they arrive and provide quality entertainment before, during and after the show. This group would be great for birthday parties, corporate events, or any pirate themed event.

Interactive and lively with guests of all ages. Outstanding musicians and fun for the whole family.” –                           Miss Melanie Turner, Orlando Science Center




“These guys arrr hysterical! And it’s a show that’s suitable for the whole family. I recommend checking out their website and watching them perform live. I saw them at the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, but I’ve heard they travel all around Florida.” – Cap’n Squid Wilson Hawthon, The Pirate News


John Levique Pirate Days  ….

…..Another of the great groups we got to see in action was the phenomenal “ARRR, Ink.” This group, focused solely on interacting with the patrons puts to shame my groups that have been around far longer than they. With a wide variety of prop gags ranging from groan inducing all the way to ale out the nose uproariously funny, these folks were at it without rest. They delighted in taking time for the children in the crowd, swearing in groups of them as new pirates and giving out beads and the highly coveted pirate stickers. Highly original, highly funny, and with the best rendition of the “walking the plank” gag that I’ve seen in a long time, “ARRR, Ink.” was a real treat to watch.

– Captain Roberts – Marooned for Pirate Com  2006